Coinbuck is a unique player in the cryptocurrency world. The main thing about Coinbuck is its special reward plan. This plan is made to thank and keep its community members involved, especially those who join in Airdrop, Referral, Campaign, and Package programs. We’re writing this blog to make this new reward plan easy to understand for everyone.

What Coinbuck’s Reward Plan is All About
Coinbuck’s reward plan shows how much it values hard work and giving back to its community. It’s set up to give quick rewards to members who do well, making them feel appreciated right away. The plan starts with giving out 10%, 25%, and then 50% of the rewards. After you finish all the required tasks, you get the remaining 50%. The platform is a first come, first serve platform and people who are joining the platform and completing tasks early are eligible for more rewards.

Understanding the Reward Plan in Coinbuck
A. Airdrop: Getting Rewards Right Away When You Sign Up

10% Airdrop Bonus: Right after you sign up, you get 10% of the airdrop bonus. You can take this out right away, with no need to do KYC or tasks.

B. After Doing the Third Required Task
25% More Rewards: Once you finish the third task on the platform, you get an extra bonus, making it 25% in total. You get this without needing approval on task completion, waiting, or doing KYC.

C. After Doing KYC
50% Total Rewards: You get this big part of the reward after doing the KYC. So, you have half of the total airdrop bonus available after KYC.

D. After Finishing All Tasks
Final 50% Rewards: The last 50% starts to be given out every 72 hours after you finish the third task, and it continues until you get all of the airdrop bonus. Here, your mandatory tasks keep changing every 72 hours and you have to keep an eye out for more tasks till all your airdrop bonus is received in your wallets.

Benefits of Coinbuck’s Reward Plan and new vesting schedule

Quick Rewards: Fast rewards for active members.
Flexible: No strict KYC or time limits for some parts.
Keeping You Involved: The way rewards are given out keeps you active on the platform.

Coinbuck’s reward plan is smart and easy for users. It’s made to thank members who are really involved and doing well. By understanding each part of this plan, you can get the most out of it and take part more in Coinbuck’s different offers. Coinbuck is clear about its reward plan, showing it cares about being open and keeping users involved. This makes Coinbuck stand out in the world of cryptocurrency.


What is Coinbuck’s new reward plan?
It’s a smart way to give out cryptocurrency rewards, including airdrops and referral bonuses. It’s made to give rewards quickly and encourage active involvement on the platform.

How does the airdrop bonus work?
When you sign up, you get 10% of the airdrop bonus right away, with no need for KYC or finishing tasks. After doing three tasks, you get an extra 15%, making it 25%. After KYC, you get 50% of the total bonus, and the last 50% is given out every 72 hours after finishing tasks.

Do I need to do KYC for all parts of the reward plan?
No, KYC is only needed for the 50% reward after the initial 25%.

Are there time limits for doing tasks?
There’s no time limit for the first part, but the last 50% is given out every 72 hours after finishing tasks.

Can I take out my rewards right after I sign up?
Yes, you can take out the first 10% of the airdrop bonus right after signing up, with no extra requirements.

Published on 19 June 2023