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CoinBuck Tokenomics

A launch rooted in fairness-100% community driven, 0% reserved for founders. By the community, for the community.

Total Supply


Initial Supply


Circulating Supply


Airdrops (will be purchased from Circulating supply)




CoinBuck burn addresss

CoinBuck is taking a big step for our community by burning 2.5 million tokens. This makes our tokens rarer and more valuable. Though you won't see any drop in supply, these tokens are gone for good, similar to what BNB does.
You can track this process at BSC’s official burn address .

We're excited to grow stronger together!


Money Money Everywhere

Earn Multiple Bonuses

CoinBuck gives the opportunity to earn in multiple streams. Get Signup, Referral and Product bonuses along with building your team and community.

Signup Bonus

Secure a reward of BUCK Tokens just for signing up!

Referral Bonus

Earn bonuses for referrals up to three levels deep using your unique referral code

Product Bonus

Earn purchase bonuses from your downline team's product purchases across three levels

Engagement Bonus

Increase your rewards by earning an engagement bonus with CoinBuck


Complete Your KYC for Token
Withdrawal from Day 1!

Ready to dive into Withdrawals? Here's your quick guide:
Log in: Head to your account and log in using your credentials.
Withdrawals: Click on Withdrawal button
Photo Time: Follow the prompts to snap a clear photo of yourself. Ensure good lighting!
Document Upload: Upload pics or scans of your government ID. Double-check for clarity.
Personal Details: Enter your name, birthdate, and address. Keep it accurate!
Withdrawal From Day 1: Once KYC is approved, you can withdraw BUCK tokens from Day 1.

Remember, KYC is for your security. Complete it once, and enjoy seamless token withdrawals from Day I!

Platform processing fee = 1 USD per transaction


KYC Guidelines

Poor image quality may result in errors. Therefore,
to reduce errors because of poor-quality images, note the following

Motion blur effect can significantly increase BPCER (“Bona Fide Presentation Classification Error Rate” or the rate of errors classifying a live person as a spoof).
This API does not support fish-eye lenses.
The SDK does not accept any fade, blur, clear face image, two persons in a photo, stretch dimensions, or filtered pictures and marks it as a spoof.
The same image might result in a spoof based on SDK library confidence level, the same spoof picture may be genuine in another capture due to SDK confidence level, an example may the background blur or fade the background confidence level failure, and another genuine picture the face may have an acceptable level, the face will pass liveliness, etc.
Texture filtering can significantly increase APCER. (“Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate” or the errors of allowing impostors through), therefore remove texture filtering.
Spotlights on the faces and nearest surroundings can significantly increase BPCER.
An ill-lighted environment and colored light can significantly increase BPCER.
Distance from the face should allow capturing the image that complies with Face Requirements. Please make sure that inter-pupillary distance, face size, and recommended proportion of face on the image are preserved.
SDK does not recognize small-dimension images as a small face with small height and weight dimension resolutions.
The face should have proper lighting and should fit in the oval with a proper ratio and dimensions.

Correct Sample

coinbuck KYC

Invalid Sample

coinbuck KYC

Card Images Guidelines

coinbuck KYC

Make sure your hand is not covering the details.

coinbuck KYC

Avoid light reflection on the card.

coinbuck KYC

The picture must be clear and focussed and not blurry.

coinbuck KYC

The correct accepted format is this as shown above.

About CoinBuck

Leading the Bull Market with BUCK Token in SocialFi and TaskFi

CoinBuck is at the forefront of the current bull market, innovatively blending SocialFi and TaskFi. CoinBuck is reshaping the social media landscape by empowering users and redistributing wealth. By integrating Web 3.0 with blockchain technology, we are revolutionising user engagement and rewarding activities across various platforms with our native BUCK token Our mission is to democratise digital wealth and foster a knowledgeable active community for advertisers, CoinBuck offers a unique edge Our platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance advertising strategies. Al boosts efficiency, precision, and effectiveness, revolutionising various aspects of advertising campaigns. This integration of Al means advertisers can expect more targeted, impactful, and successful marketing efforts.

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You are putting in all the hard work and engagement while the Social Media Giants are pocketing Billions

CoinBuck empowers you to share the wealth and puts cash back in your pocket. Your actions directly translate to cash in your hands


Boost your Profile and unlock your potential as an Influencer

Elevate your profile by growing your following with coinBuck. Gain access to more lucrative opportunities and higher-earning tasks and build your online presence by connecting your various social networks, beginning with expanding your Twitter followers. Purchase tailor-made packages curated using Al.

Rise Through the Ranks:

Ascend the ladder of fame with graduated profile badges. As your following grows, collect badges.

Airdrop Schedule
Instant Token Release

Currently as a Welcome Gift, Tokens await you at signup.
Instant Gratification: Enjoy immediate access to (50%) i.e 2250 tokens. You can withdraw these tokens anytime from the system only after completing 3 mandatory tasks and KYC on your dashboard. The remaining can be claimed after 72 hours as per Airdrop Schedule can be found on the dashboard

Engagement Reward Vesting
Get some now, get some later

First Half Now : You get 50% of your tokens right away for taking part in the campaign. Second Half Later : The other 50% Is given 30 days after the campaign ends.

Package Purchase Incentive Vesting
Two Steps to Get Your Tokens

First Half at Start : You receive 50% of your tokens instantly on purchase. Second Half After 30 Days : The rest is given out 30 days after the campaign ends.

Referral Reward Vesting
Referral Program - Grow Together

Share the CoinBuck Experience: Invite friends and earn bonuses. Extended Benefits: Your rewards extend to your referrals' invites too.
You can withdraw 50% Referral bonus as soon as your refree completed the task and KYC. Next will be withdrawable after 72 hours , 50% of the remaining.

Active Engagement is Key: Earn your bonus when your referral withdraws their tokens. The referral has to complete all three mandatory tasks as well as the KYC.

How To Buy ?

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to buy Buck Tokens

  • Transfer your fund to CoinBuck wallet

    To purchase BUCK tokens, Select 'Buy BUCK Tokens'

  • Buy BUCK

    Choose to transfer funds either by copying the wallet address or using a QR code scan.

  • Claim Your Tokens

    Complete the fund transfer and wait for the transaction to be confirmed. Your BUCK tokens will then be added.

CoinBuck Social Presence

Key Advantages Of CoinBuck


Free for all users. Anyone can sign up for the portal and complete tasks to earn rewards.


Array of customized products to grow your business using different social media platforms.


Grow social engagement without pressure.


Reach a broader audience and earn rewards in return.


Create your own team.


Create your own campaigns.


Discover Affordable Packages.


Get the opportunity for multiple earnings at the same time.


Marketing tools to manage your campaigns.

As an Advertiser Elevate
Your Channel Engagement

A community-governed utility token with meme token economics. Emphasising a fair launch, 100% of BUCK tokens are for community allocation, with no reserved tokens and a fixed supply of 10 billion, ensuring equitable access and value.

What Can You Achieve
Analyze your business cost easily with group transaction thorugh tagging feature.
Cost-Effective Marketing
Data-Driven Insights using Al
Campaign Managers to measure your campaigns
Brand Interaction
Higher Engagement Rates
Increased Organic Traffic on your social channels.
Global reach and enhanced targeting using Al

Infrastructure Deployed On

Our Growth

CoinBuck brings social media engagement to get likes, subscribers, followers, tweets, shares, blog posts, web traffic & more.


Completed Task


Total signups



Submitted Pages & Channels


Rewards Distributed


coinbuck KYC