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Empowering the next generation of Web3 and cryptocurrency projects. With a
commitment of $100K Investment Pool, we aim to provide crucial financial
and marketing support during early stages of the launch.

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The CoinBuck Buck It Fund has been started out of a desire to support
entrepreneurs in the field of Web3 and blockchain technology. CoinBuck saw
a gap in the market—great projects often struggle to secure early-stage
funding despite their potential to impact the industry. This issue triggered the
idea of launching an initiative that could bridge the gap between potential
projects and industry.

What is the Buck-it fund?

Buck It Fund is an investment pool of $100,000 aimed at discovering and
backing early-stage blockchain projects before they hit mainstream
exchanges. By providing funding at this initial stage, it ensures that these
projects have the resources needed to develop, innovate, and thrive.
The process begins with deep research and due diligence. CoinBuck's team
identifies projects with robust technology, credible teams, and the potential
for substantial impact. 
Once a project is selected, the Buck It Fund allocates investment,
supporting the project’s growth and marketing during the early stages of
KOL rounds.


Goals and objectives

The objective of Buck It Fund is to foster technological advancements and
expand the CoinBuck ecosystem, ensuring a secure and profitable
environment for our community. Through strategic investments and
marketing support, we strive to drive the future of blockchain innovation
and maximize the return for $BUCK holders.

Investment Hypothesis

Focus Area

Focus Area

DeFi, NFTs, Blockchain Infrastructure, Metaverse and Gaming, AI Integration in Blockchain



North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
Emerging Markets



(KOL Rounds, Public rounds)

Ticket Size

Ticket Size

$5,000 to $100,000 (Early-Stage)



Lacks Transparency, High Regulatory Risks,
Unproven Concepts, Ethical Concerns


Coinbuck’s structured shortlisting process identifies the finest opportunities that holds significant ROI potential.The deal flow is distributed to all the stakeholders including partners and investors based on assessment and relevance.

We believe in finding finest opportunities Choosing the winning projects Key stakeholders
Assessment Criteria:

Issue resolving
Innovation & Ideology
Growth potential

Selection Criteria:

Inbound: 50 projects/ week
Qualified: 10+/ week
Meetings: 05
Accepted: 1 to 3

Leveraging investment criteria based on:

Family offices
VC Funds
Innovation & Ideology
Partners & Advertisers
Grant Programs
Private investors

Founders Contact Details

Project Details

Which of the following defines you the best

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