This blog will elaborate on our commitment to the lifeblood of Coinbuck – our vibrant community. From the get-go, Coinbuck has been all about you, our users. We’ve always aimed to ensure that every member reaps the benefits of our platform and token. By dedicating 100% of our supply to our community, we’ve strived to guarantee equal access for all.

Putting the Community at the Forefront

Coinbuck isn’t just about transactions; it’s about connections. For us, the community isn’t just a part of the kingdom; it is the kingdom. Our core mission? To drive engagement. It’s the foundation upon which Coinbuck stands, vital for the welfare and growth of our community.

Revitalizing Engagement: The Introduction of a New Vesting Schedule

We noticed a need for a shift. Our referral program’s reach was vast, yet the level of engagement wasn’t hitting the highs we all strive for. To remedy this, we embarked on a journey to revamp our vesting schedule to encourage the community that is engaging with us more than the passive members. 

A Fresh Approach to Token Release

The Past and Present: We’ve transitioned from the linear release of tokens over 1,000 days to a more dynamic model. Now, every 72 hours, you have the opportunity to claim 50% of your tokens. This shift signifies quicker access and more control over your assets. 

Rewarding Active Participation: In line with our community-first ethos, unclaimed tokens from less active members will be redistributed among the more engaged members of our community.

New Features Tailored for You

1. Airdrop – Currently as a Welcome Gift, 5,000 Tokens await you at signup.

Instant Gratification: Enjoy immediate access to 2,500 tokens. You can withdraw these tokens anytime from the system only after completing 3 mandatory tasks on your dashboard. 

2. Vesting Schedule – Consistent and Rewarding:

Claim Regularly: Access 50% of your tokens every 72 hours, including from airdrops and referrals. Anyone who completes the mandatory tasks within 72 hours will be eligible to claim their tokens at their own will with no time bound. However, those who do not finish their tasks before the 72 hour window will lose their tokens which will be redistributed to the new active members. 

3. Referral Program – Grow Together:

Share the Coinbuck Experience: Invite friends and earn bonuses.

Extended Benefits: Your rewards extend to your referrals’ invites too.

Active Engagement is Key: Earn your bonus when your referral withdraws their tokens. The referral has to complete all three mandatory tasks as well as the KYC.

Embark on This Rewarding Journey with Us. 

We believe this revamped schedule not only benefits our active members but also upholds our vision of a thriving, engaged community. Simple, beneficial, and most importantly, crafted with you in mind.


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